Hello, and welcome.

I’m Marie Anderson, and I specialise in customer insight, data analytics and market research. I work both as a freelance insight consultant and Head of Insight.

I am passionate about power of insight to transform organisations.

I love uncovering how people behave, what they think, what they want, how they tick – and integrating and synthesising those insights to drive positive change.

I’ve worked in insights for over 20 years, across a range of industries, including some of the biggest names in retail, entertainment and leisure.  

I believe insight is both an art and a science; a skilled craft I use to build a holistic picture of what drives your potential and existing customers, based on their needs, wants and behaviours.

I make action-oriented recommendations that develop your organisation. Insight belongs at the heart of organisations, not tucked away on a shelf somewhere.

What I do

I produce and commission bespoke insight, data or research based, according to your needs.

I work with and integrate your existing insights to build a 360⁰ view of your customers.

I review organisational and individual insight capabilities, and build insight plans and strategy for your organisation.

I develop solutions which make insight more accessible to all – dashboards, reports, tools and explainers.

I train people and organisations to make effective use of insight, top-down and bottom-up, across functions and beyond.

How I work

I work on a freelance, project, associate or contract basis.

I take a partnership approach to help you get the insights and solutions you need.

I choose the most appropriate methods to answer the issues at hand – in a way that works for your organisation.

I embed new ways of working, processes and outputs to ensure my impact lasts.

My mission

I make insights, research and data simple, understandable and practical to use for organisations.

I ensure insight drives real-world strategic and tactical actions across the organisations I work with.

I change the culture of the organisations I work with – no more flying blind without insight.

There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

* Hat tip to DVL Smith