“I really enjoy working with Marie and Vue benefitted greatly from her expertise. As a small insight team, we welcomed support from Marie when we commissioned an agency to analyse our transactional data, to find patterns and opportunities to grow our food and drinks sales in our cinemas.  She joined my virtual team, guiding both the brief and the outputs, based on her extensive retail and analytical expertise, acting as an ‘insight translator’.  She ran an engaging workshop with Vue colleagues to explain and demonstrate what the data analysis meant and how it could be used.  The insight uncovered led to profitable, impactful new promotions – and the efficient avoidance of some blind alleys. I would recommend working with Marie because she is so knowledgeable, collaborative, pragmatic and flexible.”

Ruth Hinton, Group Insights Manager, Vue International

“I hired Marie to lead the trading insight team at Sainsbury’s and was so impressed with her that I persuaded her to work with me again as a consultant at Asda and M&S. Marie led a large team of insight managers and analysts at Sainsbury’s, alongside a sizeable research budget.

Marie was influential at embedding the customer voice into Sainsbury’s trading and marketing conversations. She won the confidence of board directors, category directors, planners and buyers across the business, embedding insight into day-to -day trading and driving insight into all areas of the business.  A real star with technical expertise and great storytelling capability. Hire her yourself.”

Andrew Mann, Head of Insight & Loyalty, M&S

“Marie is one of the rare people in business who manage to fuse commercial reality with entrepreneurial creativity. In addition she brings a well-researched and structured approach to any project that she sets her sights on. In short, there are few people that you actually want to work with and, having worked with her for a while now, Marie is one of them.”

Amir Gehl, Founder, Difference Coffee Company

“Quite simply, Marie is brilliant at customer insight. She has a deep knowledge and industry expertise about Retail in general, from Food to GM, and very deep and technical Customer Insight skills. This enables her to really add value with relevant and useful business insights. Finally, she has a brain the size of a planet and a strong strategic awareness, which she uses to challenge the status quo.”

Mark Felix, Head of Online, Sainsbury’s

“Marie has the unique ability to excel in both managing complex Customer Insight projects, whilst delivering a partnership approach with the stakeholders she engages with. She has an excellent strategic approach to her research and I sincerely hope that I am able to work with Marie in future projects.”

Sarah Deas, Client Business Partner, Nielsen

“Marie worked with me as a consultant on a big pitch, she was brought in late in the day with a complex brief. I thought she was absolutely brilliant – she totally ‘got’ what we needed to know and put together detailed and insightful responses which were key to helping us live the business. She was delightful to work with, great fun and always happy to go the extra mile. I would not hesitate to work with Marie again and highly recommend her expertise to others.”

Mary Harris, European & Global Business Leader, Cheil Worldwide

“Marie is a strategic customer insight expert. She has the ability to draw insight from multiple sources and summarise the key messages to inform improved commercial decision making. With over 1.4 million card holders and very limited direct marketing budget, Marie’s ability to segment our database and draw out the most fertile areas of focus were key skills when we used to work together.”

Richard Izard, Managing Director, Woolworths/MVC Entertainment